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This is the source code for my Tracking HSDirs and the version of Tor they run (onion link). downloads the consensus and spits out trackingv2.csv, all plotters built upon it. As is written right now: You need a consensus file that it can remove. You will also want to manually make a trackingv2.csv with this header (otherwise will error out): v2,nonv2,datetime takes in trackingv2.csv and spits out the first graph seen on my blog post. takes in trackingv2.csv, generates trackingv2.frac.csv, and spits out the second graph seen on my blog post. takes in trackingv2.frac.csv, generates trackingv2.approx.csv, and spits out the third graph.

All scripts are hardcoded, so if you want to use them, you should change the paths. You may also want to not copy the csv files.